Handmade Drums by Jim Kinney
African Djembe Drums
At the Santa Fe Harmony Center, we offer African djembe drum circles several times a week, and provide drums for people to use who don't own them - as well as making them for sale. Jim puts his energy and love into creating each drum, and tunes each to resonate well with a unique voice.

The drums are professional quality, perfect for performance and playing solo or with drum circles. These high quality drums feature:
  • African Ivory Coast Iroko wood drum shells (other wood available)
  • African Ivory Coast goat skins, with or without fur (see photos)
  • Size approximately 12-1/2 x 24inNon-stretchable, 3/16in. (5mm), double-braided polyester rope
  • Hand-wrapped rings, tight to shell, 30 loops
  • Tightly-stretched skin using hand-built bench, no diamonds
  • Drum shell carvings and colors of rope and rings vary.
  • Current drums in inventory cost $350 plus shipping. We accept cash, checks or credit cards (credit card purchases will also have a 3% merchant fee added).
For availability, call Jim at (505) 989-3507 or email us using the form below.

We are happy to send you e-mails with drum photos. If you have a specific drum in mind, Jim will research the highest-value materials, and provide you with a quote.

Djembe cases are also available for $60 plus shipping.
Native American Style Hoop and Pow-wow Drums
"Drumming connects you with your bones, your heartbeat, and your natural rhythms. You connect with the drum by holding it close to your heart and letting your feelings, transfer into the drum. When we breathe, we all beat upon a common drum."
~ Steven Ash, Sacred Drumming

Jim creates handmade Native American style drums from high quality materials, with reverence. His hand-held Native American Style hoop drums are perfect for drum circles, shamanic healing, meditation, and personal or ceremonial rituals. The drums feature:
  • Deer or Elk hide
  • Circular, from 10in to 24in
  • Octagonal, 15in and 16in
  • Stretched with rawhide lacings
  • Comfortable grip
  • <Hoop beater
Also available are double-sided drums and fancy, wrapped beaters with fringes. Large pow-wow style drums, made from buffalo or moose hide, can be custom-ordered. Jim builds collapsible stands for these "grandmother" drums, which accommodate multiple drummers.
If you have a specific style and size of drum in mind, Jim will research the highest value materials and provide you with a quote.


Cost effective drum tuning, reheading, and repairs also available. Please call for a quote.

Drumming is an integral part of the Santa Fe Harmony Center offerings, and we are always delighted when one of our handmade drums finds the right partner. We appreciate your consideration of our African djembes and Native American style drums. And the beat goes on...

Santa Fe Harmony Center
27 Two Trails Road
Santa Fe, NM  87505
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